what we do

software development & implementation services

The Software You Require, Implemented & Integrated for Your Needs

  • OpenShift and Kubernetes Installation & Configuration
  • Design, Development, Implementation & Integration of Custom Business Applications and Solutions
  • SAP Implementation & Integration Services
  • ServiceNow Implementation & Integration Services
  • Performance, Stress and Penetration Test Services
  • Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications

Consulting & contracting services

Highly Skilled Experts to Join Your Project Team

  • Project Management 
  • Test Management & Test Automation
  • Solutions Design and Technical Consulting & Contracting
  • ServiceNow Consulting & Contracting
  • OKD and OpenShift Consulting & Contracting
  • SAP Consulting & Contracting

Managed Outsourcing services

Whenever You Need Support for Your IT Operations

  • Day-to-Day operational services
  • Resolution of Incidents and Implementation of Changes
  • ServiceNow Support for Application Configurations and Troubleshooting
  • OKD and OpenShift Configuration and Support Services
  • Support for Custom Applications
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